was founded by 11 local entrepreneurs in 2010 according to Gov. Law no. 26/2000 and for an indefinite.

The ASSOCIATION’s purposes and directions are:

Supporting the cultural and touristic development of Geoagiu Bai resort, strengthening interpersonal relationships and activities to promote a sustainable and efficient tourism activities and to enhance the effective human and touristic potential in the area..
In order to achieve its purpose refer to the following directions:
  • Supporting of tourism development and cooperation projects in order to set-up new jobs, qualifications of all workers in tourism, giving support to all new entrepreneurs in tourism, attracting new investors
  • Tourism development by promotion of information and data exchange;
  • Promotion of the local potential through tourism programs and cooperation within different domains such as: culture, sports, education, for the reevaluation of traditional crafts and the organization of fairs and exhibitions with sale of products;
  • Work-out with relevant factors in creating a proper tourism infrastructure and comply with the requirements of domestic and international tourism;
  • Work-out with local or central authorities, touristic services providers and international organizations interested in the capitalization of human and tourism potential;
  • Conservation, restoration and environmental protection, preservation and protection of historical and architectural monuments through ecological actions in the area and knowledge of specific cultural traditions
  • Working-out an annual top of touristic areas;
  • Editing periodic promotional, specialized and informative materials, distributed free of charge; Internet marketing and other online promotional activities; promotional activities through TV stations carrying-out tourism programs or related issues to increase touristic traffic in Romania and abroad; publication and dissemination of brochures, maps, panels, and other advertising information in order to promote this touristic area, etc.

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In 2010 in collaboration with the local public authority the Association helped preparing the documentation for the project EDEN - European Destinations of Excellence, with the theme: "Aquatic Tourism" a national competition launched by the European Commission: Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry - Department of Tourism.

The Association through its representative, participated along with local authority representative at the premiere of EDEN destinations in Europe, which took place in Brussels during a festive gala, on September 27- 2010, at the European Tourism Day.
The Gala was officiated by Mr. Antonio Tajani - Vice-President and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry.

On the same day took place the conference on The role of European Cultural Heritage and Tourism Itineraries in the Renewed European policy, inside the Charlemagne building where the representatives of destinations were invited to the conference and also to present their destination through a stand placed in the hall.

Between 21-24 October 2010, the Association and the local authority represented Geoagiu-Bai Resort at Romania's Tourism Fair in Bucharest where they had the honour to be placed at a stand along with the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism. At this Fair participated also the resort destinations placed second and third on the national contest with the theme of "Aquatic Tourism": Techirghiol - Sarata Monteoru resort and Mr. Eugene Curteanu - the Secretary of State awarded all these destinations mentioned above.

The Association had the privilege to be awarded in a festive Gala by the Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers in Romania on January 15, 2011 in Horezu, Valcea County with Dacia Felix prize for lifetime achievement.

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