The Keys of Cib :

Cib Keys Natural Reserve, established in 1995, is a protected area.
The Cibului Gorge Natural Reserve was established in 1995 and reconfirmed by Law 5 / 2000 is a complex protected area which corresponds to IUCN category IV area management of habitats / species, managed mainly for conservation through management intervention.\

Cibului keys are located in the south-eastern of Metaliferi Mountains, Basin Geoagiu (tributary of the Mureş). Part of a comprehensive system of keys formed by two peaks Plesa Ardeului and Plesa Mare with a length of about 4.5 km from the tributaries of the river Geoagiu: Cibului, Ardeului si Mada (Balsa). That is the process how five key sectors were formed: Cibului, Băcâiei, Glod, Ardeului and Mada.

They have a north-south orientation and a length of about 1.4 km., Downstream from the town Cib, households were found scattered in key area, which allowed the large width of the meadow formed between the three east-facing slopes : Piatra Ceretului, Piatra Mijlocie and Vânătarea) and W: Raven Stone and Cepturarul with a maximum altitude of 662 m.
Geology - Cibului keys are shaped in limestone. Around them, there are present conglomerates, sandstones and marls forming the Cretaceous flysch.

Relief – dominanting in shaped limestone. The Keys with a length of 1.4 km are located in eastern Plesa Ardeului. Increase jagged, needle-ridden slopes holes cave overhangs, chimneys, river stones, masses of debris form a karst limestone relief worthy to be researched and protected. The keys are funnel-shaped opening to the downstream. The base is flooded slopes of scree arranged like mass of terraces. In the river are present breaks of slope which generates rapids waterfalls.

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