The “Boiling” Fall

Located on the river called “Clocota” records a difference of about 20 m water stream and is due to a steep step in relief, with an extension of about 200 m horizontally and 37 m vertically. The fall of water washed out roots of trees on the top shelf that collapsed and were partially or completely embedded in the travertine deposits of recent falls, which develops in the form of "curtains" in successive folds, almost vertical, the entire height loss, as in caves.

The unusual configuration of this relief form, looking like a shore are leaving the hypothesis that it could be the nature of tectonic. For these reasons, the alignment of the bank where is situated the waterfall was treated with alleged fracture line (fault E), and because the river never freezes here, are no thermal waters specific plants and animals from the salamanders species that could not be found elsewhere.

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