The Battle of the " Bread's Field":

Historical monument Place of Battle LMI Code: HD-I-s-B-03 152 Date: 1479
Here on the “Painii” Field on October the 13-th - 1479, an army led by the prince of Transylvania: Stephen Bathory, commit of Timisoara: Pavel The Chinese, Serbian despot: Vuk Brankovic and former Wallachia ruler - Basarab Laiotă, defeated the Ottoman army led by Ali bey Kodşa and helpped by a Wallach contingent led by a Wallachian prince : Basarab Laiotă the Young.

The battle hero was Pavel The Chinese, one of the greatest warriors of the time, famous for his unusual strength.

This Clash became a legend being considered a great Christian victory, context in which the Transylvanian troops (noble, Hungarian and German), from Banat, Serbia and Wallach volunteers under the command of Basarab Laiotă the Oldest, counted less than 15,000 people while the Turkish troops counted 20,000 of Jannisaries, Sepahi, with an additional 1000 to 2000 of Wallach soldiers.
It was the greatest Ottoman power who was attacking Transylvania, over a century of confrontation, not to conquer, but to kill and steal.

The battle is described in many chronicles of the time, later taken over by the Transylvanian Leopold Nagy or even by the writer Sadoveanu describing the battle in one of his works: «fierce harp singing musicians including carrion and blood streams, still huge cups of wine are vain, and Paul the Chinese sobbingly dance with Turkish dead in his teeth

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