Geoagiu "pe urmele bogatiilor naturale si antropice...."

Sublime landscape, hot springs and mineral, historical monuments these are the attractions of our region and together with the hospitality and services offered by hotels and guest houses in the area, will provide relief to body and rest to soul.

From the beginning of the world this area was a blessed place where we are waiting for you to come.
We wish you a pleasant stay here, in Geoagiu and may that Germisara waters, dedicated to the goddess Bendis, will always keep you young!

Geographical location: The city is located on the right bank of the river Mures, at an altitude of 217 meters in a depression formed by the last branch of the Metaliferi Mountains. It is crossed by the river “Geoagiu”, whose valley gradually narrows to springs, winding among the high slopes of 400-700 m. Rich hydrographic network (rivers Homorod Geoagiu and Mures), the forests of oak, beech and pines, the apple trees, pear and wild cherry - help create a special atmosphere.. But the greatest wealth are the carbonated mineral springs and thermal waters from Bacaia and Geoagiu Bai.

The city has a population of over 6500 inhabitants. Half are located in the town of residence.
The Administrative territory covers 15,569 ha (14,589 ha outside the city, built 980 ha) and includes 11 villages.

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